What is sensory integration therapy?

What is sensory integration therapy?

First and foremost, let’s start with what is basically sensory integration. Sensory integration consists in the correct reception of the signals and the stimuli they send to our brain. If there is any disturbance on this line, then our perception and perception of reality is slightly distorted and we meet here with various kinds of illnesses. Most often these conditions are noticeable in childhood – that is why you can try to solve this problem from an early age.

What diseases are spoken here?

Sensory integration disorders are most common in hyperactive children and, for example, children with Down’s Syndrome. It is very important to respond appropriately early to any disturbing symptoms, as a lack of response can lead to serious problems with correct reflexes and behavior in later life.

The answer to your child’s problems will be on the appropriate therapy

Sensory integration therapy today is a really common thing. In such places, the child receives specialized and professional help in correct ingestion of stimuli from the outside world. Necessary help for parents with children that have problems like this, helpful can be stuff like load quilt or load vests. With these things parent can control over movements of the child and at the same time he is sure that no harm will be done to the child. Therapy in such cases is a long-term process but brings excellent scores and results when it comes to the end. It is good that there are people and institutions today that are able to help in such cases.


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