Autism in children – how to recognize it?

Autism in children - how to recognize it?

Autism is a disease that looks and feels different in every person. There are no two people in the world who have identical symptoms. You can say both mild cases and disorders affecting every aspect of life. People with autism differently react to the outside world and their behavior is often incomprehensible to the rest of the population. At first glance, they seem uninspired and unfriendly to others, but they are only appearances. They are not always able to cope with stimuli from the outside world.

What are the early symptoms of this condition?

The most common disturbing symptoms in children are uncontrolled visual contact during feeding, the annual baby does not babble, is silent, does not make a sound to bring attention to his parents, does not respond to his name or to the words addressed to him, does not make a gesture “papa”. It does not ask for help or look after the objects we indicate. If any of the symptoms of our child’s diarrhea are present, we should go to the appropriate specialist clinic as soon as possible. Probably in this case will be needed some therapy.

How can i handle it

First and foremost, it requires the right professional therapy and a lot of patience. Useful for parents will be especially a load vest or load quilt that can help parents keep the baby’s movements calm while sleeping or doing basic activities, if the child is hyperactive or struggling to control his or her own movements. Parents should have stuff like this in home, because we’re never know when it can be useful.


  1. Tom

    My wife bought quilt like this, it really helps.

  2. Jack

    My child needs stuff like this, it’s very helpful.


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