A handful of information about ADHD

A handful of information about ADHD

More and more children are affected by ADHD. This is especially evident after classes in elementary school – children do not consider classes, they are distracted, they can not focus their attention on anything for a long time, they are very fidgety, they must constantly be in constant motion. Their behavior often not only hinders students and teachers, but also makes learning difficult and often leads to balance. However, it is not dependent on the children themselves – it does in fact subconsciously.

What exactly is ADHD?

Many people have heard of ADHD, but little one knows from the start to the end what the mysterious name is. ADHD is a hyperactivity disorder syndrome with deficit of attention. It is a disease that usually develops up to 7 years of age and then resolves, but there are also cases in adults. Of course, not all symptoms must occur in the child at the same time and the symptoms must not occur at all.

How can one overcome this disease?

These types of conditions require two-step treatment – first of all – pharmacological treatment, which will relieve the most severe ailments and psychological therapies that help the child to function normally among their peers and to manage their condition and understand it. In such cases, parents should also invest in load vests and load quilt, because they provide control over excessive motion of the child, thus ensuring a more peaceful sleep or easier dealing with daily basic activities.


  1. Mathew

    I can’t imagine illnes of my son without load quilt.

  2. Alex

    My son has this issue and it’s right – load vests are best help.


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