Children with Down syndrome – a normal thing

Children with Down syndrome - a normal thing

Among us there are many children suffering from a disease called Down Syndrome. At one time children with such cases were treated as something unnatural, today the affliction has been accepted and children suffering from it are no longer harassed by their peers because of their slightly different appearance. Many professionals have struggled for years with the stereotypes associated with this disease, and fortunately the approach to this issue has changed drastically. And this is very good news.

Do people with Down’s syndrome have such traits?

As it turns out even in people with this condition does not occur, there may appear single features characterizing the disease, such as: a single furrow on the palm instead of double, protruding tongue, too short limbs, almond shaped shape or weakened muscle tone. However, people with Down’s syndrome may find it much easier to get serious illnesses such as severe pneumonia, and may also have congenital heart disease.

How can we deal with this disease?

First and foremost, people with such cases should be treated as a normal person – they are really different people, but simply unique. In difficult situations, you can use a variety of aids, for example load vests or load quilt.If there are any movement disorders, such things can do a lot of good. It is also recommended to use them as a physiotherapy if it is recommended by a specialist. First and foremost, however, we should continually improve our knowledge of such illnesses.


  1. Kate

    I have a friend with this syndrome, she’s awesome.

  2. Patrick

    Of course that people with this problem are completely normal!


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