What are the difficult for our society to cope with our children?

What are the difficult for our society to cope with our children?

Our difficult to live times are abounding in a growing number of illnesses that often attack at an early stage of development – either negligently or with some minor conditions or acquired during the first few years of adolescence. These diseases are not primarily easy for the children themselves and their parents, but also for the environment that learns to accept them.

About what diseases speak?

The most common diseases of this type can be classified primarily ADHD or motor hyperactivity associated with anxiety and lack of attention, sensory integration disorders consisting of abnormal reception of stimuli from the outside world, Down’s syndrome characterized by almond-shaped eyes covered with dermal folds and autism, which makes it hard to deal with everyday things. Each of these conditions requires appropriate treatment and specialized care – not just purely medical.

How people can deal with such diseases?

Professional help consists of many factors. Children primarily need pharmacological treatment that will inhibit abnormal behavior. The care of a psychologist is also important – not only for the child but for the sick child’s family too, this is necessary as well as physiotherapeutic activities on which the child learns to return to normal life. In the latest case very helpful are load vests or load quilts, which stabilize the child’s unpredictable movements, allowing for a more peaceful sleep or self-control of the reflexes.


  1. Sara

    I know one child with ADHD, he’s really pity…

  2. Peter

    It’s terrible that this is children’s deseases..


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