How to select a stroller?

how to choose stroller ?

Stroller constitutes a perfect pram for children who start to sit up and develop their interest in the surrounding world. Upon purchasing this product, you ought to consider more than its price and looks.  What needs to be taken into account before making the final decision? Here is a handful of useful tips suitable for all those who aim at buying a stroller.

Size and weight

If you are looking for a stroller that will be used on a regular basis, you ought to pay close attention to the height of the backrest and width of the seat base. The child ought to feel comfortable within such stroller not only after its first year of life, but further on as well.

The weight of the pram also constitutes a key aspect – it can neither too low – as it would make directing the stroller will be difficult – nor too high – such strollers are not regarded as the most practical ones.


The principle indicates that the smaller the wheels on the stroller, the more difficult the push. If you take regular strolls with your child on uneven terrains and field areas, the best solution for you is to acquire a model that would be equipped with large, inflated wheels that absorb shock. Thus, your little one will not feel the curved surface even during sleep.

However, if you use well-maintained and even pavements, a stroller with either foam or foam-rubber wheels will be sufficient for you.

Harness and barrier

Harness is a good solution especially in case of small children that often lean out. Furthermore, they might also come in handy when you travel by bus.

The stroller also ought to include a barrier. It is best if the barrier can be detached from both left and right side and be equipped with a strap that separates the baby’s legs. This prevents the child from slipping out of the pram during the stroll.

The size of the booth

Some types of strollers are equipped with a small booth that provide shelter only for the child’s head. Others, however, have a full booth that covers the whole pram. There are also models with partial booths that either allow for expansion or not. The best solution here are regulated booths. On sunny days, you can unveil them only partially, while during rain – in full.

Regulated foot stand and footrest

A stroller ought to include a regulated foot stand that can be lowered when the child grows a little. Furthermore, a footrest that can be elevated is also highly useful, especially when the child falls asleep as the child’s legs can rest on a soft dais instead of hanging bent in the knees. It will also come in handy in case of children that are too little to reach the foot stand.


Strollers that are available currently on the market are equipped with numerous accessories, such as:

  • An umbrella that will shelter the child from rain
  • Bag that will allow you to hide necessary objects and the child’s favorite accessories,
  • Beverage holder
  • Anti-rain slipcover
  • A snack table
  • Hand warmers


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