Autism – a disease with still unknown roots


Children with autism have long since ceased to be taboos – more and more of them are being talked about, no matter what else they say, they are talking about any other illness that is getting better and better by the doctors. In the process of taming this disease, there is also the help of contemporary literature, in which very often this subject is raised, thus educating the society. Although we are increasingly talking more and more about it, the underlying causes of this disease are not well known. Doctors and specialists speculate what factors may have a significant impact on the occurrence of such disorders, but we have no guarantee or certainty.

What are the most likely causes of autism?

Specialists are not sure what the causes are. However, there is a real possibility that their cause is biologically-induced psychiatric factors, so the mechanism is very complex. This can be classified as brain damage, and can also result from brain hypoxia during fetal and neonatal periods. Personality spheres and various impaired speech result from brain hypoxia in the earliest stages of growth, which in turn causes brain damage. Some time ago, also in the medical community, it was possible to meet with the view that autism is the result and the fault of the mother rejecting her child, but today this view is firmly rejected, and in its place there is a more astute and medical theory.

The most common reasons for autism in children

The health of our children after childbirth can affect many different factors. It is assumed that the higher probability of having a child with autism exists if the father of the child is over forty if there is such genetic condition in the family but also if the woman has had toxoplasmosis, has had any family-related injuries, has allergies, for some reason the weakened ability to detoxify the body is intolerant of casein or gluten or when the child becomes ill with cerebral palsy.

Is it easy to diagnose autism in a child?

Autistic diagnosis in a child is not a simple and unequivocal process, because it is long-term and needs to take into account various aspects, primarily because we can distinguish two different types of autism. The first of these is schizophrenic autism, which is characterized by avoiding all contact with other people, running away into solitude, closing in the inner world in which the emptiness usually reigns. Another type of autism is childhood autism, whose name indicates the period in which the first signs appear. It only indicates when it occurs to a person, not just children. Autism causes all the stimuli to be perceived too intensively, which makes it difficult for the child to withstand. Micro-damage to the brain causes everything that reaches the baby to be interpreted in the right way, and therefore the child is creating his own, alter-ego world, which is all understandable and explainable.


  1. Philip

    It’s strange, so many years is known about this disease, and it is not known where it comes from …

  2. Monica

    Such diseases of unknown roots are probably much more.


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