How can you build relationships with children with autism?


The world of children affected by autism is definitely different from what we know, so it is so difficult to understand the behavior of people with autism and the reasons behind it. Some mechanisms, however, can help us build positive relationships, which will especially benefit parents of such children.

A few tips for parents

Communication in case of children with autism is the basis because it has the most difficulty with it. Sometimes there are speech problems, the child starts talking too late, improper interpretations occur or problems with the nonverbal way of expressing oneself. The child learns not only because we talk to him, we ask about the needs, or do some kind of real action. Equally important is the attitude of our body, but also the tone of voice or the gestures and facial expressions. But it is not all that to make the road to effective communication with our child. There are other aspects as well.

You can not forget it

Very important in communication are small gestures and positive emotions that emanate from us to the child. Do not be afraid to smile or enjoy the sight of it – it sees it and receives it – in its own way. A child with autism has a limited amount of behavior, so encourage him to broaden his horizons and set new goals that he or she will strive for. Allow your child to speak, even if telling the story takes a bit of time. Most of all, be present and open to expanding the world that is available to your child.


  1. Mike

    These tips are better than all the therapies.

  2. Kirsten

    That’s probably the best advice for all parents.


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