Your child has autism – and what’s next?


Many parents do not know what to do with the information that their child has autism. First and foremost, they try to help themselves in a spiritual way by accepting the situation. However, it is equally important to deal with all the formalities that are related with this situation. Below you will find out what the official issues are.

What rights does a parent have?

The state has the potential and the duty to help children with autism and their parents in a normal way. Sometimes material help is needed, because therapy or adapting to new conditions may not be easy. Parents do not know very often that they should talk to a therapist about a few questions, including those related with financial assistance or the willingness to send a child to school, and the disability or the need to support development from the youngest years.

What is the ruling on disability?

Completion of individual applications is possible during the course of life to collect from the state and other institutions the necessary assistance, for example, in the form of a family allowance related to education or the necessity of rehabilitation, but also with the possibility of cheaper use of public transportation. It is also a chance for working parents who are thus entitled to a longer parental leave.

What data does the judgment include?

A psychiatrist must be present in the minimum two-person committee for the disability of a child. The judgment itself should include the date of submission of the application, but also the data related to the commission, the legal basis on which it works, the data of the child itself, the length of time the judgment is issued and the degree of disability. Here you will also find information on indications, such as the need for therapy.


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