Who needs physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is usually associated with special needs of the disabled, like the children suffering from Down Syndrome or autism. But can healthy people also benefit?

We all live in stress

Nowadays everyone is stressed out. Even if you have perfect coping mechanisms, some of the stress will still affect your body.

Stress accumulates in your muscles and joints. Sometimes it will be just your neck and shoulders, and for many people it’s also their jaw. Women in particular will find stress accumulating in their pelvic area, affecting the proper blood flow. Back pain is also a sign of stress and it means there is tension in your back and hips.

These are very real and destructive effects of stress on your body. But what does physiotherapy have to do with it?

To relieve tension

A skilled physiotherapist will easily find all the points of tension within your body and relieve some of this tension by means of manual therapy and massage. After one session you will feel light and more mobile. If this is your first physiotherapy, you may find that after two days the places which used to be especially tight will become sore and sensitive – and this is normal. You may also feel that some emotional burdens will leave you along with the tension. This is also normal, because our bodies are intrinsically connected with our emotional and spiritual spheres.

Physiotherapy is for everyone. It is a part of body and mind hygiene that everyone should practice from time to time to be able to lead a joyous and fulfilled life.


  1. Donna

    I once had a physiotherapy session a few months after giving birth and it was amazing how good I felt afterwards!

  2. Ben

    Next time I book a visit for my son, I will book one for myself, too.


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