When should you start physiotherapy?

For many of us physical therapy is something that happens to other people. We are often convinced that you must have some form of disability to qualify for physiotherapy. The truth is however, there are many situations in life when physiotherapy can help a tonne.

When is it necessary?

Many conditions require treating with some form of physiotherapy. It is especially true of children that the earlier you start, the better chances your child will have at recovering. For example, sensory processing disorders, such as ADHD, or to some extent autism, are best treated with physiotherapy. Also, many orthopaedic abnormalities, for example scoliosis or hyperlordosis can get much better with exercise therapy. If your child is diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder or  back problems, the best moment to starts physiotherapy is right away.

When is it helpful?

Physical therapy can help women and men in many situations. Women can benefit from a few sessions of physiotherapy after carrying a baby and giving birth. It puts a huge strain on the lower back and pelvic area and a skilled manual therapist will put these regions to rights to prevent a looming backpain.

When you are overstressed because a lot is happening at once in your life, it would also benefit you to visit a physiotherapist. Another good moment to start physiotherapy is when you realize that you’re leading a mostly sedentary lifestyle, and spend a lot of time sitting. A physiotherapist will teach you the right posture and the art of sitting without overstraining your spine.


  1. Nancy

    Prevention is best, but still many people go to a physiotherapist only when they are in a lot of pain and painkillers stop working. There isn’t much to be done at this point.

  2. Brian

    If you have low self-esteem, just learn how to sit and walk straight and proud. You can change so much by doing so little…


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