Can you fully heal sensory processing disorder?

There are roughly two kind of sensory processing disorder: SPD in its own right, and SPD which is connected to another disorder, for example autism or ADHD. Research finds that in the first case, SPD is caused by abnormal white matter structure in the brain, and in the second case it’s a result of the primary disorder. However, we still don’t know if it can be fully cured or not.

Children VS adults

Usually, we talk about sensory processing difficulties experienced by children. One may get the impression that children grow out of this condition to become fully-functioning adults. Only recently, the notion that adults have sensory processing issues started gaining popularity.

One theory is that in children these difficulties are more pronounced, because children haven’t yet learned to cope with them. With time, they develop coping mechanisms and their sensory processing difficulties become less pronounced or even completely hidden.

Two types of SPD

If the sensory processing disorder is caused by abnormal white matter, it can’t be healed – we can only speak about treating it. And if it’s a result of another disorder, it’s intrinsically connected to that disorder – if it can’t be fully cured, neither can the SPD. Thus, the right treatment is of a great importance. For example physiotherapy helps alleviate the symptoms of SPD and cope with them in a way that promotes independent lifestyle.

When your child is diagnosed with SPD, it’s best to start physiotherapy as early as possible to help him or her develop.


  1. Jenna

    So it’s incurable but it is treatable. There is hope.

  2. Norma

    It makes sense that you can’t heal SPD when it’s caused by physiology.


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