Physiotherapy for life

There are some conditions which require physiotherapy for long stretches of time, or even until death. However, there are some reasons to consider regular visits to a physiotherapist even if you’re not suffering from any such condition.

When is physiotherapy necessary?

Physiotherapy is a great help for patients in palliative care. They can’t really leave their beds, so any sort of movement in their bodies encourages the flow of blood and lymph, which can even make their breathing easier, raise their blood-pressure if it’s too low, and just make them feel better.

Another group of patients who need physiotherapy are children who are suffering from sensory processing disorder or any disorders which involve sensory processing difficulties, such as ADHD or autism. In their case, physical therapy helps them learn healthy sensory processing patterns and can be ended when the therapy is successful and a child learns coping mechanisms which allow him or her to develop normally without elevated stress levels.

When is it helpful?

Every human being ages. While physiotherapy is not an antioxidant – it won’t make you age more slowly or stop you from aging altogether – it has amazing capability to make your quality of life much better as you age. Our life choices often take a great toll when we pass the milestone of fifty years, and it all goes downhill from there. Physiotherapy, however, will reduce various pains and aches in your body, for example the infamous sciatic neuralgia. It will also make your body more lithe and mobile, and it will help you relax to remove the accumulated remains of chronic stress.


  1. Jessica

    Yoga or exercise will do the same, but many people aren’t motivated enough to do that for their bodies.

  2. Clara

    I find that going out with my dog for forty minutes every day helps me keep my blood flowing and my energy levels high enough. I’m 68.


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