The role of physiotherapy in helping women after giving birth

Physiotherapy is not only for people suffering from various conditions such as the sensory processing disorder. It can also be a help in normal and healthy circumstances of life. Carrying a child and giving birth is a tremendous effort for a woman’s body, especially if the birth is medicalized. And after giving birth there is no time for rest because the baby needs your attention all the time. It must be picked up and sometimes carried around and rocked for endless hours. It’s another strain. Consider professional physiotherapy to assist you in this life-changing and body-changing time.

The regular kind of physiotherapy

For a few months, you’ve worn a lot of additional weight on your body, which has put a huge strain on your spine and pelvis. What is more, now you need to pick up and carry the baby a lot. You may experience lower back pain and other pains in your body. It’s a time to visit a manual therapist or an osteopath who will help you relieve the pain and teach you how to sit and pick up the baby so as not to put strain on your back.

A word of caution: you shouldn’t carry anything heavier than your baby, for example grocery bags or a baby bathtub filled with water, for at least 6 weeks after delivery.

Pelvic physiotherapy

Many women experience urinary incontinence and pain during intercourse after giving birth. Even more severe aftereffects of giving birth include vaginal or uterine prolapse. In order to prevent these conditions, you need to start pelvic physiotherapy soon after having a baby. It will strengthen your pelvic muscles and help your private bits get back to the shape from before giving birth. You may just do Kegel exercises, but visiting a pelvic floor physiotherapy professional is more likely to bring better effects.


  1. Magda

    My lower back really does hurt…

  2. Peter

    My wife insists on carrying heavy things and won’t see a physiotherapist. What should I do?


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