Relieving stress with physiotherapy

I’ve just come to the realization, that stress never ends. I’ve been waiting for Christmas to finally get a short reprieve from the daily rut. How disappointed was I to discover, that Christmas only added to my list of woes! My kitchen broke down when I needed it most and the number of quarrels and serious fights increased when the whole family visited us. So after Christmas, I went to get my quick fix – a physiotherapy session. A woman must take her relief wherever she can.

How can physiotherapy relieve stress?

A manual therapist kneads the places in your body where you are too tense. When this tension is released, normal blood-flow comes back to these areas. You are more relaxed, more aware of your body. You can sleep well. You are able to feel the first signs of stress creeping back in and deal with them before they grow too large.

If you are more dedicated than me, you can even try physiotherapy which is aimed at exercising and stretching certain areas. This way, a physiotherapist will assign you exercises to do at home, and you’ll be able to work on your weak point every day.

Other benefits of physiotherapy

It can also help with cognitive and sensory processing issues which may crop up as you age. If you keep forgetting things or find certain elements of your surroundings, like the light or noise, overwhelming when you’re tired, inform your therapist so you can work together on relieving these symptoms. Sensory processing problems aren’t only related to children – anyone can experience them.


  1. Samantha

    I like jogging to release stress, but sometimes I need a professional to take care of my body. It’s so luxurious!

  2. Ben

    Can I do it at home, for example through stretching exercises? Or yoga?


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