Safe home for a child with ADHD

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder is a tough condition for your child to have. Not only is it very difficult for your child, for example because of the accompanying sensory processing issues, but it can also be very hard for you. Treatments and physiotherapy can help, but your home environment can also be either a big help or a huge distraction.

Safe home

First, you’ll have to do the ordinary child-proofing. Only then will the real work begin. Everything depends on the age of your child, so you’ll have to tailor-fit your furniture and house structure.

Try to descend to the level of your child. Literally get on your hands and knees and look closely: what could be dangerous and tempting on this level? Check the floor – do you have many carpets? Is it possible to trip on the carpets? Are the thresholds higher than the floor?

Then think climbing. If you have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, try to think of a way to prevent your child from climbing them. Chairs and tables are also a temptation.

If you do physiotherapy at home, set a specific area for the task and try to make it free of distractions, yet appealing. Schedule your day and hold on to the routine.

Stress-free home

ADHD is often accompanied by symptoms similar to sensory processing disorder. Colours, textures, noises – all these things may be distracting and stressful for your child. Try to identify the sources of anxiety and remove them if possible. This will pay off, because if harsh stressors are removed from your child’s environment, he will be more peaceful and at ease. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?


  1. Alex

    We’ve installed a Dutch door in our daughter’s bedroom. It prevents her from running round the house before we get up but doesn’t make her feel confined.

  2. Sue

    We tried removing all carpets, but then the floors became too slippery. But then my son stopped wearing socks altogether and goes barefoot in the house, so the problem disappeared.


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