Treating ADHD

ADHD is not a condition which can be fully cured. However, there are various treatments available to alleviate the symptoms and make everyday life of a patient easier. Combining psychiatric medicine, physiotherapy, and various at-home improvements helps make life with ADHD much more bearable for the child affected and the parents.

Medicine and physiotherapy

There are certain medications your child can be prescribed by a psychiatrist which will help him or her feel calmer and concentrate better. Discuss your options with your child’s doctor,

Physiotherapy is a less invasive but more time-consuming way to train your child’s body and brain to retain focus for longer periods of time and behave in a less impulsive way. Many children with ADHD suffer also from sensory processing issues, which can be improved upon by means of physiotherapy.

Improvements at home

There are various way your can slightly improve your child’s condition simply by implementing certain new things at home.

You can start by trying a weighted blanket to help your child calm down and sleep better. As the name suggests, it is a heavy blanket whose role is to overwhelm your child’s body by putting weight on it. It feels as if being hugged and has been proved to help relaxing and falling asleep faster.

You could also give your child a pet. Taking care for a pet is a responsible and very absorbing task, which is also very rewarding and just fun to do. It will help your child focus, it can also help with the sensory processing problems by integrating your child’s all senses through play.


  1. Jane

    Unfortunately, for us getting my daughter a pet backfired. She tormented the puppy until we were forced to give it away.

  2. Betty

    Those ADHD drugs have a bunch of side-effects, but what can you do…


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