A child with ADHD at school

Every parent of a child suffering from Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder knows how challenging for their child school can be. There are a few things you can do to help your child enjoy school and excel at her classes.

The basics: medicine and therapy

Firstly, make sure that your child is receiving adequate medical care. There is medicine which can help your child focus and feel calmer. You can also sign up your child for physiotherapy which helps battle inability to concentrate, impulsivity, and sensory processing difficulties which most children with ADHD experience.

Taking care of sensory processing issues with physiotherapy or other means is especially important because this is one of the most significant factors affecting your child’s ability to concentrate. It also often can take blame for tantrums and emotional outbreaks.

Parent-teacher relationship

You can’t directly influence how your child behaves at school and how her teachers and classmates treat her. What you can do, is set up regular visits with your child’s teacher to discuss his progress and difficulties, and inform the teacher about the means you take to help your child.

Let the teacher know that you’re actively working on the problem. Sometimes, teachers may be tired and annoyed by teaching a child or children with ADHD and you’re probably quite understanding about this. It’s important you let the teacher know that you’re helping your child. Next, make sure the teacher is aware that your child can’t help her behaviour. Let the teacher know what is the best way to pacify your child and any tricks which could help manage your child’s behaviour in a classroom.


  1. Meg

    There are many teachers who just don’t want to discuss anything. They punish any ADHD pupils as if their behaviour was their own fault… At least this is my experience… I hope your child will have better teachers.

  2. Will

    I’ve often thought about home-schooling my son but then I was just, nah, let him be somebody else’s problem for a few hours a day^^


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