Therapeutic touch – when your body craves contact

We are social beings. We need to form meaningful relationships in order to be healthy and prosper. Gentle, loving touch is a part of this need. But we are living in times when touch has become codified, when there are many unspoken laws about who may touch whom. How to satisfy the need for human touch if we don’t have warm, fulfilling relationships?

Professional help

Gentle touch helps relieve stress. One of the best ways to get the benefits of simple human touch and professional medical help is physiotherapy. A physiotherapy session is a time when a therapist locates tension points in your body and works on releasing this tension.

Treating yourself to a massage is also a valid way to satisfy the need for touch and to help your body. Also, visiting a hairdresser is an option – an adult’s head is rarely touched and a beauty parlour is one of the few places where touching people’s heads is socially acceptable.

Sensitivity to touch

If you crave touch more than others or if whatever touch you experience is not enough for you, it may be a symptom of sensory processing problems. Being disgusted or repelled by touching other people could also indicate sensory processing issues. If this is true for you, you may find that physiotherapy could be a great help. If not, getting a pet could considerably alleviate your symptoms.

Free hugs

And if you are a spontaneous, joyful person who needs more warm touch in their life, go out there and start giving out free hugs! We all need those more than we think.


  1. Andrea

    I don’t like being touched by anyone and I can only tolerate my cat. I’ve always thought that this is just who I am… Not so sure anymore.

  2. Sylvia

    Hell, yeah! I love when someone plays with my hair or touches my head. I’d go to the hairdresser every week if I could.


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