Is your child with SPD bullied?

Sensory processing disorder is not as obvious as Down syndrome or autism. It is, however, something that makes your child stand out, even if only just a bit. And bullies pounce on those who stand out. That’s why you need to be cautious and observe your child to catch the early signs of bullying.

How can you recognize if your child is bullied?

The most obvious signs include bodily injuries, lost possessions or money. The subtler indications of bullying include frequent stomach aches or headaches, faking illness, avoiding school or any social situations. If your child suddenly loses interest in their hobbies, becomes apathetic and distant, these are the warning signs.

Try to be an approachable, understanding parent. If your child with SPD feels welcome to confide in you, this will be much easier.

How can you help?

Sensory processing disorder is a problem of its own. If you add bullying to that, things may get quite nasty. So first, contact the school and look for options of dealing with the problem. Then make sure that you are doing everything to help your child with the issues connected with SPD. Sometimes by raising your child’s quality of life, for example by means of physiotherapy, you can help them better cope at school and in social situations. This, in turn, results in greater self-confidence.

The most important thing is to support your child. Therapy can help a lot, but nothing will replace caring and loving parents. Make your family a safe haven for your child.


  1. Andrea

    So just like with any child who is bullied. Contact the school and raise their confidence.

  2. Sylvia

    Teachers rarely react, tbh… Parents have to do everything on their own these days…


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