ADHD and bullying. When your child fights back

Whereas parents of children suffering from conditions such as autism, Down syndrome or SPD may worry that their children are victims, parents of children with ADHD may sometimes hear that their child is the bully. Or that they act provocatively and attract the bullies’ attention. Learn how to recognize the signs and how to stop bullying from happening.

ADHD attracts attention

Kids with ADHD are impulsive. They often blurt out ill-advised comments, attracting the attention of everyone around. They may even offend and insult without meaning to.

And when the bully focuses on an ADHD victim, the victim fights back.

This isn’t wrong. Your child should protect himself and it is good that he doesn’t freeze up in fear or try to escape. One very successful method of coping with bullying is to stand up to the bullies. But what if the bully doesn’t let go? What if he or she becomes only further provoked and starts victimizing your child even more aggressively?

Teach your child to keep low profile

Sometimes you can face the attackers head-on. Report them to the school, talk to their parents. If your child has been hit, notify the police. Don’t be afraid to act. But if all of the above don’t work and the situation is getting worse and worse, the only thing to do is to stop provoking.

Are you treating your child’s ADHD? Is she attending physiotherapy sessions and taking her medication? Good, this is the perfect start. To reinforce the physiotherapy effects, you could start doing mindfulness exercises with your child. Mindfulness teaches us to stop and think before we act.


  1. Dominic

    In my opinion teaching mindfulness to a dog would be easier than teaching it to my 12 yo son who has ADHD. Thank god, he isn’t a victim of bullying.

  2. Sandra

    It’s good they fight back! Bullies should get some of their own medicine… I was bullied at school and never stood up to those monsters. Now it haunts me.


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