Should you talk to your child with DS about sex?

Down syndrome is associated with some belated development. However, teenagers with DS go through puberty just like anyone else. And they will be interested in sex. You are the best and most trustworthy source of this intimate knowledge.

Down syndrome doesn’t always mean infertility

While men with DS are almost always infertile, 15% of women are not. It means they can have babies and there are some happy and fulfilled mothers with Down syndrome out there. So never forget to touch on the topic of protection.

Protection should also be important because of sex-transmitted diseases. Anyone could catch those, so teach your teenager about protection. Don’t just expect they won’t be interested in sex. Down syndrome doesn’t affect one’s sexual hormones that much.

Problems with sex

Children with disabilities are also more prone to becoming victims of sexual violence. Sexual criminals often incorrectly assume that a child with a disability such as Down syndrome won’t be able to communicate their suffering or won’t be believed.

To prevent this, teach your child from the earliest age that their body is their own and they can decide about what happens to it. If there are any medical procedures your child has to undergo or physiotherapy sessions, explain why they have to be done. Don’t just force your child to do certain things, explain the reasons behind them.

And allow your child as much autonomy as they like. If they want to wear one thing instead of another, indulge them whenever there is time to do that. Respect their decisions about their body.


  1. Ben

    Child molesters should be all castrated. This is so awful.

  2. Dess

    And it doesn’t just apply to children with Down syndrome… Anyone should respect their children’s autonomy. It’s the child’s body.


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