How to play with your child when they have SPD?

Children with sensory processing disorder, or SPD for short, may have trouble with everyday tasks and situations. They become oversensitive in many areas. A lot of children with SPD are oversensitive to touch and it is sometimes very hurtful for their parents who want to cuddle or kiss their child, and she rejects them. But there are some ways to play with your child which can help them overcome their oversensitivity.

Turn play into therapy

Expose your child to different textures, smells, colours. There are very simple ways to play. If you have a garden, play outside with water and sand. Just provide high-quality sand and some buckets filled with water, and give your child the initiative. This way, you don’t only help your child with their sensory integration issues; you also build their self-esteem and creativity.

Another very simple way is to have a swing installed at your home. Many children with SPD have trouble with their vestibular system, the one responsible for balance and movement coordination. A swing is a fun and engaging way to help your child with these problems.

Spy on your physiotherapist

When your child goes to her physiotherapy sessions, look closely at what your physiotherapist is doing. Observe and adapt. Think how you could turn therapeutic exercises into fun and play. You could also ask your physiotherapist for advice on how to reinforce the effects of therapy at home.

SPD is not a sentence and it does get better with time. Everyday activities can help your child overcome these issues faster.


  1. Jessica

    For us water was a hit. Through playing with warm and cold water we helped our son overcome some of his sensitivity to touch.

  2. Brian

    We have a swing and my daughter hates it, says it makes her dizzy.


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