Sensory processing disorder and daily chores

Many parents ask themselves if they should set their children with SPD some daily chores. If even going to school or getting dressed is such a struggle, they reason, why burden the child even more? Well, think it through, because daily chores can actually help your child cope with their SPD.

Repeated motions as home therapy

If your child repeats the same motions every day, they will be working on their proprioception, vestibular system, and hand-eye coordination. This is no small feat!

Even as simple a task as picking up toys and putting them in a basket can help your child a tremendous deal. If your child is a bit older, you can let them help you lay the table. They can help you with washing the dishes or hanging laundry to dry. These repetitive motions help your child with sensory processing disorder gain better control over their body.

Teaching your child to be a part of the society

Someday your child will grow up. He or she will be much better at coping with their SPD then and maybe she will go to college and share a flat. Sensory processing disorder won’t be so much of a problem then. But neglecting chores in a shared flat, being unable to clean up, wash the dishes, or cook a simple meal will set your child back.

Children who aren’t taught to do their daily chores at home grow up to be entitled adults. Imagine if you were sharing a flat with someone who wasn’t able to clean after themselves or throw out the trash. How would you treat such a person?

Even if your child has trouble with daily chores because of SPD, it is worthwhile to persevere and teach them the basics.


  1. Angela

    I had such a flatmate. She had diabetes since she was a child and her parents treated her like some delicate flower. No one taught her how to clean up. The worst thing is, she didn’t even know something was wrong. She just thought the dishes did themselves. Parents, don’t do this to your children.

  2. Mary

    It’s fair to include your child in your home-life. And it’s also good for the parents if they can count on their child’s help.


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