Gravity Blanket– how could this work?

For quite a long time we have been reading about weighted blankets and their special properties. We learn that they are very useful in therapy of children suffering from Autism. As non-scientists we are asking ourselves – how is this possible that quilt can actually be a helpful therapy tool? Let’s take a closer look at it.

The most important attribute of sensory quilt is its weight. It is heavier than a typical kind of quilt that most of us use daily. Bigger load of such a quilt causes relaxation and sooths the user’s mind. As the brain calms, so do the muscles – and this is exactly why sensory quilt users feel so secure and safe under it. Sensory quilt should be used during nighttime, but also during naps in the middle of the day.

A good quality blanket must be made of natural fabrics, filled with fibreglass and even sewed properly. Fabrics should be anti allergic, as well as soft – the quilt must fit easily to the user’s body.

Before picking a sensory quilt one must make sure that it is custom made for one user. Size and weight of a quilt must be adequate to user’s weight and height. It also means that if it is meant to be used by a child, it should be changed when this particular child outgrows it.

As it turns out, Gravity Blanket work not only for Autustic children, but also for the elderly struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. Using such quilt benefits a large group of people, which soon – thanks to further researches – might grow.


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